La Vecina, Monday 1/18/16 #146

Apparently I no longer understand Spanish. Or maybe it's because I have been watching Gran Hotel all day and my brain is tired. Anyway, I didn't catch a lot today. There was lots of boring conversing today. I guess it was plot-moving, but it was mainly saqueador stuff and since it didn't involve Pedro dying, I didn't feel compelled to really try and figure things out. I've combined and condensed in accordance with MLA (My Lazy Ass) style guidelines.

Plot movement score (on a subjective scale of 1-10): 4
Simon was MIA after the meeting. He was at Nachito’s talking to the Profe about his relationship with Edwina. His eyes sure are sparkling! Profe thinks Simon likes Edwina. Simon is still lying to himself about how he feels about her. Or maybe it’s more like he’s being deliberately dense about how she feels about him. Read More

Ruta 35, Friday 1/15/16 #4

This episode moved a lot slower, and consequently felt much longer. They're starting to bring the various stories together. Still, it's fairly easy to split it up by "informant" (or potential informant), so here's the summary, in order from our least-favorite to our favorite people:
#4 Salomon

Dylan talked to Diane and finally got her to agree to leave Jimmy out for a few more days to let the DEA wrap up their op. But Diane has principles, and when she saw Jimmy selling outside the school, after a kid had just died of an overdose, she couldn’t leave him free in good conscience. Read More

Ruta 35, Thursday 1/14/16 #3

This was a pretty messed up episode and it's hard to know where to begin. They're definitely beating us over the head with the idea that, as Domingo said at one point, law enforcement is "worse" than the narcos. Once again, chaos, confusion, and incompetence reigned.
Sofia & Domingo

Domingo tries to shoot Rogelio outside Sofia’s house, but he misses and sets off a gunfight. Sofia has to keep her son from running out to protect his dad instead of her. Read More

Ruta 35, Wednesday 1/13/16 #2

So, basically, the premise of this show is that the various law enforcement agencies in the US are incompetent and have a total lack of inter-agency communication or cooperation. Instead they're engaged in an endless series of pissing contests. Meanwhile minor criminals (or non-criminals) get completely screwed by the whole "We'll let you off the hook if you become an informant" deal.

Tonight’s new screw-ee is Salomon. He works at a bank, launders money, and informs on people to the DEA and ICE, depending on who asks him to do a job. When we first meet him, he’s the buyer in an undercover operation, there on behalf the DEA and–big shock–the seller is also undercover, working with ICE. Fortunately, no one dies, but some poor restaurant got trashed. Read More

La Vecina, Friday 1/15/16 #145

In sleepy little San Gaspar, of all places!

Simon brings Profe Cariego to El Molcajete and it turns out he remembers both Sara and Merce from way back. Cariego is impressed that he would see something as cool as a rocket launch in San Gaspar, of all places! And the website is getting everyone all excited over it…Juancho beams with pride. As much as Merce would like to cheer Simon on, these committee meetings are a private affair. Everyone will have to support him from afar. Read More

La Vecina, Thursday 1/14/16 #144

Baby, come back!

Marina has been working a crappy job as a “secretary,” but they’re really treating her as more of an errand girl. Rafa pulls up in his truck as she’s walking home and she pretends her new job is, like, waaaaay better than CONATROL. “It’s not the same without you!” “You should have thought about that before!” Rafa explains the big party was for her (Marina) not Sara. They let Sara think that because she’d just had a fight with Sebas. This is all Marina needs to throw her new job over and come back home. She says she’ll sleep on it, but come on, we all know she’s coming back. Read More

Ruta 35, Tuesday 1/12/16 #1

Mr. 5ft and I sat down to watch the premiere episode of Ruta 35 tonight and…well…we’re pretty darn impressed. We’ve decided we needed to give you a summary of the episode in case maybe you have a fondness for violent, over-the-top, so-bad-it’s-hilarious television shows. Is this a telenovela? Really, I have no idea. Read More