La vecina, jueves el 7 de mayo, Capítulo 19

Pepe and the dudes beg Rafa to let them leave a half hour early so they can go to their soccer practice. In the midst of their suplications, Nelson gets a phone call. We don’t know who he’s talking to, but he tell them he can see what he can manage and he’ll let them know. Nelson returns to the group and offers to stay behind. Read More

La Vecina, martes 5 de mayo, Capitulo 17

Antonio’s not sleeping and neither is Sara. He’s sorry he was so cranky with her. Sara’s sorry for…well, everything that’s happened since they met. He gets that things don’t always go the way she plans. Sara gets that she doesn’t really belong in his life. But he can’t stop thinking about her, so…*smoochies* They take the party to the bedroom. Read More