Betty en NY Monday 4/29/19 #58

Previously on Betty: Birthday sex did not happen. Armando obsessed about why. A meeting with Thompson and a problem with the catalog shoot gave Betty and Armando alone time. Armando’s car broke down. He and Betty got caught in the rain. Armando did a little B&E at an isolated cabin. Betty finally told Armando about the most popular guy in school raping her and recording a video. Read More

Betty en NY Friday 4/26/19 #57

Previously on Betty: Sofia called Armando a cheapskate. Armando tried to give Betty an osito necklace, but he had to give it to Marcela instead. Catalina found a church and a wedding date for Armando and Marcela. Marcela invites herself along on a trip to Thompson’s country place when Armando was planning to take Betty. Ricky left Betty another gift. Read More