Entre Dos Amores Friday 4/19/19 #100

Wow. We finally hit the 100 mark…

Zehra, Asli and Nezahat spruce up the red dress that Zehra has been saving since her wedding. Sinasi makes a brief appearance on his way out to “get some air.” Zehra prays that he gets some sense and sees the light about Neriman. Zehra nags Asli for information, but Sinasi didn’t tell Asli a thing.

Of course Sinasi runs into Faiz on his way. Faiz wants to know why Sinasi lied to him. Faiz gets philosophical about bullets killing a person instantly and lies killing a person little by little.

Neriman cries about the situation. He’s her dad! He’ll never forgive her! What if she never sees him again! All I can think about is Nazan. Did she cry like this? Did Faiz know it? Why is he making his daughter go through this? My thoughts are interrupted by a call from Macit. He wants to know how Neriman is doing. She tells him Faiz threw her out. Macit wants to go to her house to try to fix things, but Neriman asks him not to.

Macit goes home and faces the wrath of Kerim. Not that the wrath really matters to Macit. He lets his parents know that he’s done with Pelin’s blackmail and the company. He’ll live on the streets if he has to, but he’s not giving up his relationship with Neriman. Macit storms out. Inci begs Kerim to do something. He’s willing to wait it out and see what Macit does.

Bora reports to Nadir. Pelin has Arcaoglu shares and she’s holding them over Kerim. Nadir figures they will have to get those shares from Pelin no matter what.

Macit lets Neriman know that he’s homeless now too. Well, sort of. He’s going to stay with Ösgür. Fahriye jokes that there’s no more room in her house. Neriman cries. She and Macit just can’t be happy! Their families are against it!

Back home, Faiz wonders where he went wrong. I’m going to RPC his egotistical “only daughter of the great and powerful Faiz” ass. Gulter worries about what the neighbors will say and begs him to talk to Neriman.

Sinasi runs into Neriman. She is mad that he told Faiz about her and Macit. He’s mad that she’s still with Macit. She’s hurt a lot of people because of Macit.

Macit is waiting for Faiz when he gets back from a walk. Macit is leaving everything for Neriman…just like Faiz told him to do. Faiz needs to open his eyes. Good luck with that, Macit.

Gulter goes to see Neriman. Gulter told Neriman to leave Macit alone, but nooooo. Gulter lets it slip that Pelin was the snitch.

Sinasi complains to Cihan about Neriman. Cihan is too busy looking for Sahika. When she finally walks by, she dismisses him.

Macit tells Ösgür he’s going to get another job. He calls his friend Amer, but strikes out. Amer thought he was kidding. Ah well. He’ll keep looking. Ösgür tells Macit he’ll be leaving soon. One of Nadir’s spies is watching.

Bora offers to give Duygu a ride home.

Selim tells Sahika about the PI clearing him. Feyza knows now that Selim is not cheating. To celebrate he asks Sahika if she will join him for dinner at his hotel.

Neriman marches into Pelin’s office. She know Pelin told Faiz. It’s all Pelin’s fault that Faiz hates Neriman. Pelin disagrees. It’s Neriman’s fault for sticking with Macit. Neriman threatens Pelin. Neriman has kept quiet about what Pelin has done up to now, but Neriman is done playing nice girl. Pelin needs to watch out or she’ll regret it.

Bora notices Duygu is distracted. She claims she’s just tired.

Asli and Zehra prep for Nezahat’s ceremony. There are lots of nuts and red fluff. Gulter comes to help. She makes excuses about Neriman. She’ll be there later. Zehra asks about Neriman’s exam. Gulter says she’ll take it later. Asim arrives so he and Nezahat can go look at dresses.

Kader and the Metiches gossip. First order of business: Divorced Asim and old Nezahat. They move on to Asli and Emre. Kader insists Emre was the one leaving Asli.

Asim wants to say hi to Cihan. Cihan pointedly greets HERMANA Nezahat.

Bora asks Duygu if she wants to do coffee or tea some time. She invites him in saying they can do that now. He has to work though. He gets a call from one of the spies. Macit is looking for a job. Bora reports this to Nadir.

Nadir goes to see Inci. Inci insists Macit is not his son. Nadir insists that Macit…and Inci’s whole life is his. Kerim stole it from him and Nadir wants it back. Inci reminds Nadir that he left. Nadir tells her it was all a trap! Inci has to believe him! Well, she doesn’t. In fact, Nadir is dead to her. Nadir promises to prove that it was all a trap and that Inci will see who her husband really is.

Neriman goes to apologize to Sinasi. He talks about the time they first met. She beat the crap out of him because she thought he stole her candies. She ruined his costume. But then she apologized and was so sincere. He gave her all his candy. Some rambling about she isn’t sincere this time I don’t know, honestly I was not paying that much attention because at this point it feels like Sinasi is just pouty because Neriman didn’t pick him. Neriman swears she’s sincere this time too. She really wants Sinasi to forgive her. A call from Macit interrupts them.

Macit hasn’t found work yet and Neriman can’t see him tonight because of Nezahat’s ceremony.

Fahriye wants to know how things went with Sinasi. Sinasi is still mad and Neriman didn’t get to finish the conversation because Macit called.

Duygu wants to know when Feyza plans to apologize to Selim. The PI cleared him. Feyza says she will. Duygu pushes…WHEN? (OO! I think I know when!)

Asli hopes Nezahat will be happy. Zehra couldn’t do something like this for Asli, so Asli is glad her mother is getting the chance with Nezahat. Nezahat is sure they will all be happy.

Pelin finally leaves the office. Sahika thinks she’s in the clear, but Gulter calls. Is Sahika coming to Nezahat’s ceremony? Sahika begs off because she has to work…and even fakes like her boss is calling her away from the phone. Gulter hangs up and turns to Faiz. Won’t he make peace with Neriman. Faiz tells her to stay out of it. Read More

Entre Dos Amores Friday 4/12/19 #98

Kader and family watch their novela. Apparently a daughter in law is ruining a family? Kader makes running commentary which annoys Emre. “It’s just a show!” Kader reminds him that the “show” also reflects real life. Emre decides he’s tired and goes to bed. Ismail just wants to watch his show in peace. Kader leaves too. Ismail prays for patience. Read More

Entre Dos Amores Thursday 4/4/19 #95

Cihan helps Sinasi settle in to the new school. Actually Cihan is kind of doing all the work and Sinasi is reading a letter from Rüya. Of course she was outta there. Sinasi was too hung up on Neriman.

Neriman asks Fahriye about the new music school. Apparently Sinasi had to sell his car too. Then they go on to talk about Sinasi taking a bullet for Neriman. It was like an action movie. Wow. Sinasi really cares for Neriman. Neriman wonders what the heck she can do about that. Fahriye’s phone rings. It’s Macit and he’s outside on the corner. He has to call Fahriye’s phone because Faiz has Neriman’s (and Fahriye complains she’s starting to feel like Neriman’s secretary.) Macit promises Neriman everything will be over soon. She’ll find out tonight. Neriman reminds him Faiz won’t let her leave the house. Gülter comes in. Fahriye makes enough noise about it that Macit figures out what’s up. He hops into his car and drives away…but who’s that following him? Neriman hopes Macit won’t do anything crazy.

Pelin and Ösgür meet Mr. Bora in a restaurant. She’s surprised he’s interested in an association with Textil Arcaoglu. Apparently TA is exactly the kind of company he looks for. He can help them tremendously. Okaaay.

Kerim and Selim discuss financial woes. The banks are making things hard. The interest has gone up and they can’t get credit anywhere. Selim will figure something out. He tells Kerim to buy some time with the banks. Personally I wouldn’t let Kerim near anything. Wasn’t it his financial decisions that got them into this mess? Or was that Pelin? I’ll blame them both. Selim wants to know where the hell Macit is. He certainly doesn’t seem to care about the company. Kerim calls him. Macit wants to meet with him and Inci at home. Macit has something important to talk to them about.

Fahriye is on her way to work and almost gets run over by a handsome motociclista. Of course they have to fight about who is at fault. Isn’t that how all great romances begin? Fahriye is clearly taken with his handsome face. He is clueless. There’s a motorcycle to be concerned about.

Emre waits outside a building for Asli. When she comes out he demands to know what she’s doing. She’s getting her life together dude!

Of course the music teacher applicant is the handsome motociclista. His name is Arás. Sinasi says Aras has a great resume…too good for this humble music school in fact. Fahriye is left to give him all the details and Sinasi leaves. I guess Sinasi has to go make the schedule since that now falls on him since Rüya is gone.

Emre is so worried about Asli and he can’t live without her and I am going to RPC* (see note below) this because he’s a damn rapist and I don’t care. I do like that Asli tells him she’s going to be independent and take care of the child on her own. I am nervous about Emre’s “he’s my son too” attitude.

Macit comes home (and still being followed) He informs his parents that he will be asking for Neriman’s hand tonight. He would like his parents to be their. They refuse. Ok. So he’ll be going to this pedir la mano as if he doesn’t have parents. That’s not going to stop him. He’s doing this whether they are there or not.

Fahriye is trying to deal with the new music teacher and she is so flustered and nervous! Macit calls her. He needs her to tell Neriman he’s coming over tonight to ask for her hand. Fahriye tells Aras he’s hired and bolts.

Inci has never seen Macit so determined. They tried to keep Macit and Neriman apart, but it didn’t work. Kerim is pissed because Macit is screwing them in regards to Selim and Pelin. Inci thinks Macit should be allowed to make his own decisions. Kerim is all “What?! Let that plebe into the family??” I’m mentally kicking some shins (since I’m trying to turn over a new, less violent, less throat punchy leaf.)

Sinasi goes to check on Neriman. Faiz is tickled to see him. (Shin kick) Sinasi goes upstairs. Neriman thanks Sinasi for risking his life for her. She painted a picture of him. He got her an application for a new art school that’s opening. She tells Sinasi that Faiz won’t let her leave the house. Sinasi offers to talk to Faiz. (Shin kick.) Fahriye walks in. Sinasi excuses himself so Fahriye can get to the chisme. Neriman freaks out.

Zehra and Nezahat argue about the wedding. The doorbell rings. It’s Asim.

Macit is busy buying a silver tray. Neriman is freaking out about him coming to ask for her hand. She borrows Fahriye’s phone and calls Macit. Macit is resolute. He’s doing this. He’s coming over to ask for her hand and if her family doesn’t accept they’ll just figure out what to do. Neriman hangs up and tells Fahriye “we’re ruined.”

The old man is watching Macit. He gets a phone call. Someone informs our stalker that everything is going according to plan and they will hand “it” over soon.

That “it” is a photo of a young Inci and Kerim with another man. Inci and Kerim both get a copy. They are distressed.

Pelin and Mr. Bora run into Kerim. Bora looked shocked to me? Kerim maybe looked distracted. Anyway…Perlin makes introductions. Kerim is brusque and moves on.

Inci looks at the picture and cries over “Nadir”.

Asim wants to know why Nezahat jumped out of the car. Then he asks her about saying she didn’t love Cihan as a brother. She claims she doesn’t remember that. She got hit on the head you know. She doesn’t think they should rush the wedding. Asim starts to tell her if she doesn’t want to rush the wedding…but Nezahat interrupts him. No, it’s just Sinasi was touch and go for a while and they just shouldn’t rush things. Asim assures her they’ll have the wedding when she’s ready. That would be never Asim.

Pelin introduces Bora to Kerim as their new associate. Kerim is pretty surprised. Can he have a word with Pelin alone? Apparently she went and did this without asking anyone? She sold shares to him? Ay! Pelin gets a call and she excuses herself and heads to her office. She arranges to meet with someone. Duygu eavesdrops and hears Pelin saying goodbye to Mr. Erdinc. Duygu wonders why on earth Pelin would be talking to the dude that kidnapped Macit.

Gulter and Cemal make small talk. Kader walks up and starts whining about how bad the neighborhood is getting. Shootings and stuff! Gülter excuses herself. Something smells bad. Kader tells Cemal Gülter should worry about the bad smell at her own house. Cemal and I roll our eyes.

Neriman and Fahriye wait nervously in the living room. Faiz is reading the paper or a philosophy book or whatever. Fahriye tells Neriman to talk to Faiz. All Neriman can manage to do is tell Faiz she and Fahriye are going upstairs. Sahika knows something is up and follows them, she gets upstairs just in time to hear Fahriye talking about Macit coming to ask for Neriman’s hand.

*RPC- previously the Recapper’s Privilege Card, but I think I’m changing that to Recapper’s Pass Card. This can be used to take a pass on any content not worth recapping due to the asco que me da.

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