Actually, it’s Ms.

I’m used to being contacted by people who are looking for recaps. Usually, I point them in the right direction and we’re done.

Sometimes I have to explain how I work–that I don’t have access to videos, that I don’t recap on demand, that I don’t transcribe in either English or Spanish. (Trust me, try getting every single word down for just one scene and you’ll never want to do it again!)

“No” is, in fact, a complete sentence. I do not apologize if I’m not actually sorry. That’s just the way I roll.

Today I had this exchange through Facebook Messenger:

Starting out, we have a request for videos. As I’ve said, that’s not any part of what we do here. Anyone who’s looking for videos would have better luck trying YouTube or checking the webpage of the station that aired the show.

The next request was for a recap of an episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe. Again, I had to turn that down because I don’t recap shows I’m not watching.

As for the offer of “likes” in return, I don’t work for “likes.” And if I was working for “likes” fifty wouldn’t be worth much. If people are interested and want to like the page, that’s great, but I really don’t have any use for a bunch of “likes” from people who don’t actually like the page or don’t care.

I don’t know what to make of the revelation that this young person doesn’t use the internet much and only uses their phone to call their mom. There must be a reason for that, and whatever the reason is, it would mean I’d have to do a lot of relaying questions and answers back and forth, which is not my idea of a good time. There is also no way to learn how to do new things without trying them.

Yes, I did understand that it was just one episode, but that in itself is a problem. Which episode? How will I know it’s the right one? And why would I sacrifice over an hour of my time to watch the episode and explain what it’s about? I have other things to do, like running a blog, writing recaps of the shows I do watch, knitting, trying to keep the cat out of trouble, etc. My time is a valuable commodity. I don’t spend it in ways I don’t care to. Not in exchange for “likes” or money or anything else.

So now I see that the value of my help has decreased from fifty likes to eight, “Or at least 13.” This is a bad bargaining strategy. Granted, the answer was always going to be “no,” so that’s neither here nor there. Just keep in mind in the future that if someone won’t do something for you for x amount they’re not going to do it for less.

And finally, I see that I’m an asshole. “Mr. asshole” to be exact. Hence the title of this post. As for the asshole part…if not doing what other people want me to do is being an asshole, then I’m proud to be one. And strangely relieved that this young person thought I was a man. I wouldn’t want to get the overused “bitch” title.

As for the emoji, sticking a smile after something doesn’t make it OK.

Should this young person emerge from their internet-less cocoon and take offense at this post, I would like to remind them that nobody has a clue who they are, so if they’d like to remain anonymous they probably shouldn’t respond.

In summary, please heed the following advice, anonymous young person (although it’s probably good for just about everyone):

  1. “Please” is not meant to be used as a substitute for “do it, or else.”
  2. “No” is a complete sentence.
  3. If you’re ever in a situation where you say “no” and someone calls you an asshole for it STAND YOUR GROUND! There are way worse things in the world than being called an asshole. You could end up doing something you really don’t want to just so that someone will like you. (Pro tip: they won’t actually like you, they’ll just pretend to. People you say “no” to who still like you–those are the ones you want to keep around.)

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Kat rants about updaters

What you’re seeing here is a recent plea from an “updater” on Facebook, with the identifying information cropped out. I’m not going to bother saying who it is, because this comes up multiple times a week. Briefly, this kind of thing is total BS and nobody who makes a request like this deserves your cooperation. Let me get into the details about why.

Important notice from administrator

Hi there starting from tomorrow we are going to be posting our sponsors advert on this page.

And I need your favor please anytime you see a post label SPONSORS POST please and please again like and comment because your comments can make them happy to work with us please note that the more sponsor we get the faster the updates. Cus I will be using that money to buy airtime to search and upload the update.

Please help to take our page to the next level.
Thanks and I know you will help God bless you all.

The page owner who posted this does nothing but copy and paste, infringing on the intellectual property rights of others. It says so right there “airtime to search and upload the update.” In other words, those “updates” are already out there. Really, how much “airtime” does it take to hit “CTRL-C, CTRL-V”?

Other rights holders may not be as dedicated as I am to reporting copied posts, but that can change any time. Sponsors, do you really want your company, your brand, associated with a Facebook page that gets completely shut down because the page owner violated Facebook’s terms of service?

And as for the page’s followers, you may not have noticed, but there are multiple copies of the copied posts on a number of different pages. In other words, the “updater” on the page you’re following isn’t giving you anything you can’t already get somewhere else, potentially for free, and maybe even without annoying ads.

If an “updater” is going to beg for support, they need to start actually doing their own work, not ripping off someone else. They claim they’re just “helping people find the updates” but how often has someone asked “Where did you get this from? I want to read the rest.” and gotten no answer. How is that helpful? If they think there’s nothing wrong with doing this, then why do they avoid answering the question?

  • If an “updater” can’t tell you that they watched the show and wrote the “update” themselves…
  • If they avoid telling you where you can find other updates…
  • If you run a search on Google or Facebook for the first line of the update and find multiple entries for the same text…

It’s time to dump that “updater” and start giving your support to the people who are doing the work.

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Kat rants at the networks

OK, seriously Univision, you’re going to just ditch Pase VIP and put on Cantinflas and India Maria movies because you don’t think you can compete with Don Francisco? How do you expect us to ever want to invest our time and attention in a show when we know it can get pulled at any time? (And Telemundo, you can quit smirking over there, ’cause I’m still pissed off at you for Guerra de Ídolos and if that show were any less spectacular you wouldn’t still be getting your pittance from advertisers by showing it online.)

How about you quit making/re-airing shows you don’t even believe in enough to support them through a full run and give us some good freakin’ shows?! Oh, you’re going to wait until you have ¡Mira Quién Baila! and El Chapo ready because you think those shows are good enough to compete? MAKE ALL YOUR SHOWS GOOD ENOUGH TO COMPETE! And then give us an opportunity to watch them. If you keep playing this “Tune in during the first week and give us good ratings OR ELSE” game, you’re going to keep losing. Read More