¿Quién es Quién? Thursday 4/21/16 #50

The answer is…?

“Pedro’s” totally serious. He wants to marry Paloma, be Cachito’s dad, send him to fancy schools. Paloma wasn’t expecting this. Well, ok, given Original Recipe Pedro it would be a surprise, but Pedro 2.0? Cachito calls out to Paloma again before the snogging can get too serious. Read More

Secretos Wed-Thu 4/20-4/21/16 #12

It’s 3am. Someone’s drumming their fingers on the steering wheel of a car, like we saw way back in the first episode. It’s Aldo, still wearing Rafael’s cap. He walks up an alley and picks the lock at the front door of an apartment. Olimpia’s apartment? The door has a new, really heavy lock. He walks into her bedroom, where Olimpia’s sleeping in the bed and Elmer’s sleeping in the chair. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Wednesday 4/20/16 #49

¡Ay, este niño!

Cachito’s usually way more sensitive than this. He’s asking if Inés is going to find someone else to marry, or is she still crying. Grandpa says only women cry. Kid, don’t even get me started on your grandpa. Paloma says grandpa’s wrong–men cry too. Ignacio approaches them and asks for directions out of the barrio. Read More

Amor de Barrio Tuesday 4/19/16 #7

House hunting

Smoochie replay. Paloma breaks off the kiss because, hello, Daniel’s engaged! Before he can explain (however he planned to), Rodrigo comes in all gloaty. Doña Mica forgot that he had asked her to set aside the next empty apartment for Tico, so, see, there aren’t any apartments in this building. Doña Mica promises the next one that comes up is all Daniel’s. Rodrigo turns to Paloma and she does not look happy. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Tuesday 4/19/16 #48


Sara helps Chamoy into bed and fusses over him not being able to do anything for himself. He’s still playing “poor me” when Inés calls to tell Sara that Jonathan is in Intensive Care, on oxygen for smoke inhalation. But at least he doesn’t have any burns. She lets Inés know that Chamoy is doing ok. I’m sure Chamoy’s happy to hear that Jonathan’s not dead. Read More

Secretos Mon-Tue 4/18-4/19/16 #11

Aldo walks down an alley carrying a black bag. He stops in front of Elmer’s house and looks around. He picks the lock on Elmer’s car and takes what looks like a bomb out of the bag. A light starts to blink once he connects two wires. He places the bomb behind the front seat. He walks down to the end of the street, hides around a corner, and calls Elmer. He’ll tell him where “that woman and her kid” are, but Elmer’s got to meet him at the Wolf Bridge in the forest in half an hour. Elmer gets into his car and Aldo prepares to push a button on the cell phone he’s using to detonate the bomb. Read More

¿Quién es Quién? Monday 4/18/16 #47

Let’s get this out of the way

Tania is sure it’s not her Eugenio. She’s sure as soon as Justino meets him, he’ll agree that Eugenio’s a great guy. Well, he hopes so, because if he ever hurts her, that guy will have to answer to Justino. Gross. He leaves after reminding her yet again about how dangerous the neighborhood is. Read More