Buscando A Frida cheat sheet

According to the promo videos, Frida Pons, daughter of a tight-knit and seemingly perfect family, goes missing and we find out about all the family’s dirty laundry. It’s a remake of Donde está Elisa, which I haven’t seen, so the comparison that comes to my mind is Secretos (Kayip) a Turkish drama where…well, a kid goes missing and family secrets come to light. Read More

Corazón Que Miente: What ever happened to…?

Team Good
  • Mariela and Alonso
    • married
    • Alonso turned out to be Leonardo’s biological son
    • Alonso’s in charge of Quadrum
    • the hotel is being remodeled into a clinic

    Lety and Santi

    • engaged

    Cristian and Lisandro

    • engaged

    Amalia and Noé

    • still going strong


    • dating her divorce lawyer


    • caught the bouquet
    • possibly starting a relationship with Dr. Ovalle

    Padre Daniel

    • returned to the priesthood

    Antonio Miranda

    • Mariela’s biological father


    • Living with Antonio


    • still looking after Carmen


    • Turned out to be Eduardo’s biological son
    • still working at the law office


    • happily divorced

    Céfiro Hidalgo

    • still lawyering


    • took a bullet meant for Mariela


    • shot by Rogelio at the law office
    Team Evil
    •  Eduardo
      • in prison


      • was actually Mireya somebodyorother who killed the real Renata
      • lost both legs in a car accident while trying to escape the police


      • in prison
      • paralyzed after a fight with Rogelio


      • unemployable thanks to all the fraud at Quadrum
      • possibly turning to sex work to make a living


      • killed himself in prison


      • died in a prison fight he provoked


      • last seen trying to escape the police
      Grey area

La Piloto 2 Characters and Synopsis

Univision is premiering La Piloto 2 on Sunday night, before settling into a weekday 10pm/9c spot. Maybe you missed the first season of La Piloto or you need a refresher before we head into Season 2.

All of Season 1 is currently on Netflix and we’ve got a full set of recaps here, but if you’re looking for something a little shorter, we’ll walk through the promo video from Univision and the character list they’ve provided.

The woman getting dressed in an airline pilot’s uniform is Yolanda Cadena, la piloto. In the first season we watched Yolanda go from flight attendant to pilot for narcos to helping the DEA bring down a cartel.

The slow-mo walk through the terminal is an echo of the previous season. Then it was Team Sobrecargo, Yolanda’s posse of flight attendants. Now it’s Yolanda as a pilot, and two flight attendants–Olivia and Andrea.

Olivia was a character from season 1, being played this season by Oka Giner (photo 8/11). Olivia had a whole side plot in the first season where she traveled around in an RV full of weapons with a friend of her dad’s, looking for her kidnapped brother. By the time she and Yolanda met again, Olivia was her equal in handling weapons, making plans, and taking no shit from anybody.

Andrea (photo 9/11) is a new character this season.

The guy with the flowers, hugging Yolanda as she announces she got a job as an airline pilot, is Dave a DEA agent. When Yolanda first met him, he was undercover as Alberto, a fellow flight attendant. Dave’s had a thing for Yolanda from the beginning, which affected the decisions he made in going after Yoli’s then-boyfriend, narco John Lucio. At the end of Season 1, Dave and Yoli had moved to the US to start a new life.

The cute little moppet with the blonde curls is Arley. He’s the biological son of Amanda and Arley Mena. Amanda was a member of Team Sobrecargo who died in the first season. Arley Sr. was a hench of the Lucio brothers who turned his back on them when the Lucios left him to rot in prison. Arley walked off into the sunset at the end of season 1, leaving little Arley to be raised by Yolanda’s aunt.

Unfortunately, it looks like Coronel Arnoldo Santamaría breaks out of prison. He shot down Yolanda’s plane in Colombia and kept her prisoner for five months. Yolanda poisoned him so she could make her escape in a stolen helicopter. One of his eyes was damaged, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from going after Yolanda and insisting she’d be “his” again.

The two Russians Santamaria’s working with are new characters this season, Vasily Kilichenco (photo 10/11) and his daughter Irina (photo 11/11).

The guy in the orange prison uniform is John Lucio. He’s Yolanda’s ex. He taught her how to fly and thought she was the love of his life, but he believed the lies of his brother and Yolanda’s alleged friend Zulima. They convinced him Yoli was working for the DEA. He never came looking for her in the five months she was in Colombia and turned on her as soon as she got back. Yoli helped the DEA bring him in.

So, the setup for Season 2 is that Santamaría gets out of prison and kidnaps little Arley to torment Yolanda.

And I know, I said I’d really had enough of Santamaría and his sexual obsession with Yolanda, but I’m in if I get to watch her kick his ass again.

The only recurring character not in this promo is Monica Ortega (photo 6/11). She was part of Dave’s team, working as liaison for the Mexican police. The Lucios kidnapped her sister to force Monica into helping them escape. They later killed Moni’s sister. Even with the extenuating circumstances, she was still sentenced to prison. She had a thing for Dave and didn’t take it well when he constantly tried to stick up for Yolanda, but by the end of the first season she was at least resigned to him being with Yoli and promised him she’d always be there for him.

La Piloto 2 starts Sunday, July 29, at 10pm/9c. Do you think you’ll be tuning in?

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