Al Otro Lado del Muro Friday 6/8/18 #77

The op

Patrick tells Richie and Joel the auction is happening at a party with a bunch of millionaires who pay a fortune to have out-of-the-ordinary sexual experiences. Three of them are foreigners and Samuel Kuri is going to be the easiest one to get to. There’s already enough on him to put him in jail. Read More

Al Otro Lado del Muro Wednesday 6/6/18 #75


OK, Paula’s said it. Even in her worst nightmare she never imagined they would have this conversation, but she does love him. And she does have a heart, and he broke it. But she can see even he never imagined she’d say something like this, right? Read More

Al Otro Lado del Muro Tuesday 6/5/18 #74

Turning over a new leaf

Tommy’s working at one of Andres’ construction sites. They stop for a taco break. Tommy jokes that either the tacos are good or he’s hungry because they’ve been working since 5 this morning. Andres says that’s what Tommy’s going to do from now on–work from 5 am to 8 and then go to school. Hard work is the best way to get over a relationship. Read More

Al Otro Lado del Muro Friday 6/1/18 #72


Nope, I misread his face. Don Carlos is happy for the kids. He’s happy Ernesto’s not drinking, thanks to Alejandra. He was pretty bad there after his wife died, but Don Carlos can see that Alejandra appreciates him and is going to support him. She’s brought him back to the redil (back to the fold). He extends his personal thanks and the country’s. Read More

Al Otro Lado del Muro Wednesday 5/30/18 #70


Max gets home and Jennifer starts hounding him about where he was. Mostly she’s worried because his note said he was going to talk to the police about the investigation. And she called him, but his office said he didn’t show up. Are there going to be cops coming to the house again? Read More

Al Otro Lado del Muro Tuesday 5/29/18 #69


Eliza tries to say it’s not about her feelings, but Max whines that they married for love, right? They don’t have to do this! He knows she has valid reasons to divorce him and he’s made lots of mistakes (OK, I think “mistakes” is a little mild for slept with another woman, married her, let her get away with harvesting one kid’s bone marrow for another without telling you…I’d go with “major fuck-ups” personally). But all Max cares about is whether she loves him. Read More